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Welcome to the ultimate destination for event perfection in Middleton, Idaho – Treasure Valley Bounce N Slide. Immerse yourself in the world of unparalleled convenience and enhance your occasions with our premium collection of event accessories.

At Treasure Valley Bounce N Slide, we redefine the essence of event excellence. From generators ensuring uninterrupted power to extension cords offering layout flexibility, our accessories cater to the diverse needs of your celebration.

Our top-notch water hoses bring a refreshing touch to your event, helping you stay cool under the Idaho sun or maintain cleanliness effortlessly. Safeguard your rentals with our durable tarps, minimizing wear and tear while keeping your event space pristine.

Exciting new accessories are on the horizon, further enhancing your event experience. At Treasure Valley Bounce N Slide, we are committed to providing everything you need for Accessories in Middleton ID.

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50' Extension Cord
50' Extension Cord

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50' Water Hose
50' Water Hose

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Enhance Your Event with Top-Quality Accessories in Middleton ID!

At Treasure Valley Bounce N Slide, we believe in providing everything you need to make your event a success. Explore our wide range of equipment rentals and accessories, ensuring your event runs smoothly. From generators and extension cords to water hoses and tarps, our selection of accessories in Middleton ID has you covered. Stay tuned for exciting new additions to our accessory offerings!

Reliable Generators for Any Location

When you can't provide an outlet within 50' of your inflatable rental, our generators come to the rescue. Ensure a seamless power supply for your event, no matter the location. Our generators are reliable, efficient, and suitable for various equipment and inflatables. Trust us to provide the power you need to keep the fun going.

Extra Extension Cords for Added Convenience

Sometimes, a little extra length goes a long way. Our extra extension cords provide added convenience, allowing you to set up your event exactly the way you envision. Whether you need to reach a specific power source or create a specific layout, our extension cords ensure flexibility in your event planning.

Water Hoses for Cooling and Cleaning

Stay cool under the Idaho sun or keep your inflatables clean with our quality water hoses. Our water hoses are suitable for a variety of uses, from filling inflatable pools to cleaning equipment. Add a refreshing touch to your event or ensure the cleanliness of your rentals with our reliable water hoses.

Tarps for Ground Protection

Protect your inflatables and equipment with our durable tarps. Whether you're setting up on grass, pavement, or any other surface, our tarps provide an additional layer of protection. Keep your rentals in top condition and minimize wear and tear with our high-quality tarps.

Exciting New Accessories Coming Soon

Treasure Valley Bounce N Slide is committed to enhancing your event experience. Stay tuned for our upcoming accessory offerings that will bring even more convenience and versatility to your event planning. We strive to provide you with the latest and greatest in accessories in Middleton ID.

Why Choose Us for Middleton Accessories Rentals?

When you choose Treasure Valley Bounce N Slide for Middleton Accessories Rentals, you're choosing reliability and quality for your event needs. Our accessories are selected with durability and practicality in mind, ensuring they meet the demands of various events.

From your initial inquiry to the conclusion of your event, expect a seamless experience. As one of Middleton Idaho's premier sources for equipment and accessory rentals, we cater to events of various sizes and styles. While we may not offer the cheapest accessories in Middleton ID, rest assured you'll receive high-quality, reliable items for your occasion.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in choosing the right accessories for your event. We're here to ensure your event runs smoothly and meets your expectations.

Booking Your Accessories Rentals in Middleton

Reserving accessories for your Middleton event is a breeze with Treasure Valley Bounce N Slide! Explore our website, select the accessories you need, click 'Add to Cart,' and follow the prompts to choose the date, provide event details, make a deposit, and digitally sign your contract. It's that simple – making your event planning as easy as possible!

We offer convenient online booking available 24/7, giving you the flexibility to plan your event at your convenience. Utilize the 'order by date' function for a quick overview of available accessories on your chosen day. Booking your accessory rental in Middleton has never been more straightforward!

Setting Up Your Accessories at Middleton Venues

Planning to set up accessories at one of Middleton's beautiful venues? Check the City of Middleton website for any venue-specific regulations. We're here to assist you in creating the perfect setup for your event. Fully licensed, inspected, and insured in Idaho, we meet all the necessary requirements for indoor and outdoor events. Explore the perfect Middleton accessory rental at our one-stop party shop. Let the celebration begin with the premier Middleton accessory rental company, Treasure Valley Bounce N Slide!

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